#FeedThyNeighbor was created in 2016 by former elementary school teacher, Bethany Moon. Her, her husband and their son moved to Bonton in South Dallas to become Urban Missionaries. Through their connection with Bonton Farms and H.I.S. BridgeBuilders, The Moon family has connected with the community.


Bonton is a food desert. A food desert is an urban area in which it is difficult to buy affordable or good-quality fresh food. Below is a snapshot from the USDA showing the food deserts in Dallas. This is slowly killing off generations of people through heart disease, diabetes and complications of not having access to nutritious foods. 

Due to safety issues at our home in Bonton, we have had to relocate. While we remain committed to serving ALL those in need, we have decided to expand our reach. We now serve Hunt County as well. Rural Poverty is just as rampant as Urban Poverty. We seek to eliminate hunger as much as we can!

#FeedThyNeighbor exists to bring awareness to the food desert communities in and around Dallas, Texas. We believe that breaking bread with people is the easiest way to build lasting relationships.    

Through our site we hope to provide the tools necessary for people around Dallas to be equipped to get to know their neighbors. Monthly #FeedThyNeighbor dinners are hosted in Bonton, one of the food deserts closest to Downtown Dallas. Over pot-luck style meals, people from surrounding areas are able to come into the neighborhood and get to know the people that live here on a daily basis.

According to the World Food Bank, lack of proper nutrition and its lasting effects is the number one killer WORLDWIDE! This means our local food deserts are in desperate need of change and proper resources. 

#FeedThyNeighbor helps connect people so they can find ways to serve every day of the week. Whether you, your Community or Church group, or even your school want to volunteer, we can set that up for you! #FeedThyNeighbor will be there to help you along the way. Don't wait, get involved today!

© 2016 by #FeedThyNeighbor

& Bethany Moon Design Co.

* Excerpts from ESV Bible. *


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